The patient satisfaction is definitively one of our top priorities. For this reason, AJA Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Center counts with an highly qualified and experienced interdisciplinary group of professionals in the health area.

This medical group led by Dr.Argüello Choiseul will help our patients through all the process ensuring the finest results.

Medical Personnel

  • Dr. Alberto J. Argüello Choiseul.Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist.
  • Dr. Bryan Arce Arias. Dr. Argüello’s Medical Assistant. Plastic and Esthetic Surgery Specialist.
  • Dr. Adrián Avendaño. Anesthesiologist.

  • Dr. Igor Estevanovich. Anesthesiologist.

  • Dr. Róger Camacho Chacón. Anesthesiologist.

  • María Luisa Romero. Physical therapist.

Administrative Support Personnel

  • María Burgos. Assistant.

  • Martha Bolaños. Administrative and Assistant Support.

  • Silvia Campos. Administrator.