Body Contouring

Procedimiento Moldeo Corporal


Liposuction Surgery that focuses on sculpting or molding the body contour for a more flattering appearance.


Surgery that removes fat deposits from different body parts to reduce measurements (abdomen, flanks, back, arms, chest, thighs, buttocks, etc.). It is not a weight loss surgery.

High Definition Liposculpture

Liposculpture Surgery that emphasizes on accentuating muscle lines producing a more athletic and muscular appearance. It can be performed in areas such as chest, arms and abdomen, among others.

Thigh Lift or Cruroplasty

Surgery that tightens the skin of the thighs in patients who have a high degree of flaccidity in that area.

Vaginal Labiaplasty

Surgery that reconstructs labia that has been hurt whose anatomy is affected by various reasons.
Other body contouring procedures offered by the clinic are:


Tummy Tuck


Buttocks Augmentation


Buttocks Lift


Calf Implants


Lower Body Lift