Procedimiento Cirguía Senos

Breast Augmentation

Surgery that increases the size of the breasts by using breast implants.

Breast Reduction

Surgery that reduces exaggerated volume or size, which in some cases can cause back problems.


Surgery that lift breasts in cases when lactation, weight changes, age or other conditions have made them lose their youthful shape, firmness and elasticity. In some cases, breast implants can be placed to generate higher volume.


Surgery that is performed in men with over-developed or enlarged breasts, to correct the volume in the mammary gland, which can give the appearance of female breasts. The mammary gland is removed and in some cases combined with breast liposuction for a masculine appearance.

Arm lift or Brachioplasty

Surgery that tightens the skin of the arms in patients with high degree of flaccidity or excess skin.
Additional breast procedure offered by the clinic:


Breast Reconstruction Post Mastectomy